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Top 10 Dirtiest Things in Your House

Well, it's the second time my post get denied, anyway, it isn't a big deal. So I want to share it here. Enjoy ! ( Make sure you're not eating while reading this post :) )

“The closest things to us are the ones that hurt us most”. This statement is right for the following list of 10 dirtiest things in out house. Ironically, we use them everyday, and may forget the fact that they could become extremely filthy.

10. Toilet seat 

toilet seat

Don’t let the white, smooth surface tricks your eyes, because the toilet seat is the host to many sorts of viruses. Remember to wash your hands after using toilet !

Obviously, it’s the first thing to be called as the dirtiest thing in our house. So, people always try to keep the toilet seat and toilet bowl as clean as possible, even on a daily basis. The result is, the toilet seat is way cleaner and safer than other things down in this list. On the average toilet seat there’re 50 bacteria per square inch, according to some scientific researches .

9. Cellphone


Cellphone is , no doubt, the best friend of modern man and woman in this era. And, it’s as filthy as a uncleaned toilet seat !Just consider how many times in a single day that we talk, SMS, play games on the phone,how many nasty surfaces it contacts… you can imagine how many germs it contains. The cellphone also produces heat all the time, which makes it a perfect place to “incubate” germs. In fact, the cellphone has more than 18 times the germs than the flush handle.

Solution ? Use an anti-microbial coating for the phone, and wash your hands after using it.

8. Door knob

door knob
It can come in different sizes and shapes, colors and materials. But door knob has 1 single use : the very first item we touch before entering our home, office or any places, and most likely one of the last items we think to clean. Just think about the number of times it is touched by unwashed hands, the door knob is no doubt a ideal placefor spreading viruses and diseases. Door knobs in rest room are extremely filthy. Watch out !

Solution : Luckily, the door knob is easy to disinfect with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. Apply the mixture to the cloth and start cleaning.

7.Light switch

light switch
Another tiny and popular thing. We use it every day to control light in our offices, at home. It isn’t hard to imagine how many viruses and germs lurking around that plastic surface, which is touched by dirty fingers countless times. Although germs and viruses can survive only a few hours on hard surface like light switch ( they grow well in warmth and moisture), but being contacted again and again every day make light switch a real health hazard.

Solution : Rub it with a little alcohol on a cotton swab, then wipe with a clean cloth. In public place, wash your hands after touching it.

6. Remote control

remote control
The remote control is used every day. It’s something that most of us couldn’t live without and may be the least cleaned item in our house. It can be tossed around in the house and has the germ covered on its surface. Some of us prefer having snack while watching TV, the snack remnants could get stuck in the remote , then they become nutrition for germs to grow. Similar to door knob and light switch, continuous contact with dirty fingers makes the remote control a place that transmit infections and diseases.

Solution : Remember to clean and disinfect it regularly.


Refrigerator helps us to preserve food for later use. In fact, we often consider it’s the last place for viruses to grow due to the low temperature, low moisture and, of course, the hygiene-looking appearance. That’s why people don’t clean it as regular as it should be. Of course,harmful viruses and germs can’t grow under low temperature and moisture, but they can’t be killed yet. Refrigerator is the place where raw materials and cooked dishes are put really close. The viruses can spread from raw meat, vegetable, fish.. to the cooked meal.

Solution : Clean your refrigerator once a month.

4. Computer keyboard

Scientists claim that the keyboard has 4 times more germs than the toilet seat ! Like cellphone, keyboard is our friend in modern world. Some of us love it so much that they often take lunch in front of the PC, and food remnants make ways for bacteria to grow, which transform the keyboard to a source of food poisoning

Solution : Avoid having meals in front of keyboard. Clean it by turning it upside down and shaking hard to remove all the keyboard plague, wipe the surface with antibacterial solution. Wash your hands after using keyboard before having meal. Do the same with your mouse.

3. Kitchen sink

kitchen sink
I can’t recall the last time I cleaned my kitchen sink. And maybe I’m not the only one ! While the bathroom could be disinfected more than 3 times a week, the kitchen sink doesn’t get that chance regularly. Put them all together : the food from our parties, warm and moist environment from water and lack of sunlight, now you have almost the ideal place for bacteria to spread..T here’re 500,000 bacteria per square inch in the kitchen sink drain alone, imagine how dirty is the rest of the sink ?

Solution : Remember to wash your sink with bleach regularly, which can also get rid of the smell caused by food debris that’s collected in the drain.

2. Cutting board

cutting board

Cutting board has so many germs that some say it’s better to chop your food on the toilet seat instead ! Well, maybe they just exaggerated.

But here’s the fact, while wooden cutting boards are great for mincing, dicing, chopping, it also acts like a breeding place for viruses. An average cutting board has about 200 times more faecal bacteria than a toilet seat Most of them come from raw meat products , vegetable, animal hair. Some of them can be stuck in the crack on the cutting board, just washing it with water can’t get rid of them.

To make thing worse, some of us tend to use one cutting board to prepare all the raw material, fruits, and cooked dishes. This action is highly prohibited since it lead to dangerous virus transmission.

Solution : Clean it with dish detergent or bleach while brushing the surface to get rid of the remnants. Make them dry in the sun. Use separate cutting board for raw material, fruits, vegetable, and cooked dishes. Replace them after 6 months

1. Kitchen sponge

 kitchen sponge
The most shocking fact is that the kitchen sponge is by far the dirtiest thing in your house. A sponge has about 10 million bacteria per square inch, in other words, it’s 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat ! This makes kitchen sponge the most hazardous item in your house.

It has desired conditions for bacteria to grow :food remnants, damp surface (sponge has the ability to keep water inside) and warm.

Solution : Use a sponge to wash your plates under hot water is OK, but never use a sponge to wipe them clean. Make the sponge dry in direct sunlight, and replace a new one after 1 - 2 months.

 Hope you enjoy this post. :)

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