Monday, October 8, 2012

Eat, Sleep and …

I was inspired to write this post by Eat, Pray, Love a movie starring Julia Roberts as a lady who, after a hard time struggling, decided to make a travel of her life, until then she discovered what means the most to her.

Of course, this article isn’t about reviewing books, films or games. But aren’t these three words simple, yet meaningful and impressive ? How about Eat, Sleep, Play, a game studio responsible for this title Twisted Metal ?

I mean, look at these verbs, don’t we want to just sleep, eat, play, and love all day without a single worry about life, economy crash, inflation or some crap like that ?

I have a really interesting Vietnamese proverb : “Eat, Sleep, Sex and Pee ( or Poop)”.

Simple ? Yes, but don’t underestimate them. We Vietnamese call them “ The Greatest Four of Satisfaction” which contribute to a vigorous and healthy life. Master all, you’re God, lack one, miserable you !

Apart from the animal world, human is considered master of the universe, Earth and, OK, everything. But before going out boasting about these privileges, should we first look at ourselves and ask a very simple question :

Do we really master the greatest four ?


Can you recall the last time you tasted, enjoyed a meal without thinking about tomorrow, life, death, money ? The industrial life style is asking us to act fast, eat fast. The result is, we have no time to happily enjoy eating with our family. Truth be told, it's easier to focus on eating when we're at childhood.

I've read somewhere that we have to chew 50 times before swallowing. There's even a technique called "Eating Zen" which can help individual to find peace through meal and food. No kidding, I've tried this technique one, and it's really amazing.

Again, I doubt some of us really have time ( or will) to check this technique out. The information life style demands fast and furious actions, the slow means out and old. Eating while running, swallowing while talking, have no time to rest and enjoy. Eating places first in the Greatest Four because it's truly essential to life. That's why each nation has its own food culture which carries out the soul and knowledge about that nation. I'm going to give a new post about this eating zen technique, and I hope it can help you a lot in your busy life style.


Nearly 1/3 of our lives is for sleeping. We love sleeping. It's relaxing, appealing and pleasant. For those suffering with insomnia, check out my post here. Remember, sleep is similar to ocean waves, one past, another comes. Be patient.


No words is enough when talking about this special topic, how we feel after practicing this. Although it's as important as sleep, eat, or poop, sex can be a thorny issue to discuss. in his famous work Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill praised sex as the purest energy,the most powerful force which is difficult to manipulate. Sex can bring human to genius grade or kick him into eternal abyss.

Pee ( or Poop )

Sounds rude. However, do you really love the feeling when , uhm, release the burden, open the valve. Whoops, as light as wind. Feels good, eh ?  Now imagine having constipation, you can see how satisfied when doing this action smoothly.

For final words

The Greatest Four comprised of different aspects of action in one's life. The reward for mastering the Four is good health and mind. No suprise when there're hundreds of thousands of books, articles sharing tips, tricks on how to cure, master the Greatest Four nowadays, even a funny idea like this :  . What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex

Although we built enormous things,  but the ultimate desire for all human alike is to live a happy, vigorous life. The key lies in The Greatest Four. So, if you see yourself struggling or having trouble with one of The Four, find a way to cure it first.

Again, what's the point of having everything without health to enjoy. 

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