Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to go to sleep easily ?

( For those are suffering from insomnia, who deserve a good, nice sleep. And for you, Vi, be strong my friend )
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This post has 2 parts :

First, how to fall asleep naturally

Second, I'll provide one technique to cure insomnia. Yes,  no big deal, just one. You might doubt its effectiveness since you’ve been trying countless remedies but none of them seems useful. It's natural.

Believe me, once you try, you'll love it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

When it comes to jobs, be a chess player !

Have you ever read “10 reasons why you should never get a job” by Steve Palina. If not, why don’t you take a glance at this great post first, then we’ll continue.


Now, how do you feel after reading ? Excited, shocked, yes, all the emotions could be listed here. But you’ve got to admit what he said, is true.

Want to jump out of your pitiful place of dull, boring job for a new and wide open horizon of freedom, do you ? Want to speak out loud :” I’m free !”. Yes, you do. I do. We do. But wait a minute, hot shot! There’s something you’ve got to know.

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